PTV Sports Live Streaming

PTV Sports Live Streaming

Don’t know How to watch PTV Sports Live in HD? Don’t know how to Watch Live Cricket Streaming? Don’t worry, we bring to you PTV Sports Live Streaming.

PTV Sports Live Streaming

PTV Sports Live Streaming (Server 1) Watch
PTV Sports Live Streaming (Server 2) Watch

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PTV Sports Live Youtube Streaming

PTV often broadcasts a few games on PTV Sports Official Youtube Channel. You don’t need to worry over your Shitty Internet Connection here. As always,there are contingencies-only a few games are broadcasted and this doesn’t include high value games. So, the youtube Channel is a good bargain for Test Matches but Limited Over Matches are often not broadcastedl I may assume that given the relative decline in Test Match popularity, you are here for the limited overs matches. So, don’t click on the Youtube Channel Link. You would be disappointed!

PTV Sports Live Streaming-a Brief History

Launched on 14th January 2012 sport oriented Channel, PTV Sports is owned by the Government. Available on both the Cable and Antennae, PTV Sports aims at supplementing the promotion of Sports in Pakistan. PTV Sports is popular among the masses, mainly because it is one of the two channels that are available in Pakistan for whom you don’t need to get an Internet Connection. Another reason can be that PTV carries exclusive rights to almost every tournament concerned with Pakistan and it’s people. Before PTV, Pakistan only had one Sport oriented channel,Geo Super. PTV came down quite heavily on the former for it gained all the broadcast rights given its association with the government. Over the years, PTV has broadcasted Sports ranging from Cricket to Cycling. All major International tournaments like the Olympics, Grand Slams, Global Cricket Tournaments are aired live on the network.

Although the purpose of PTV Sports is to cover all Sports in Pakistan without jurisdiction, a major chuck of telecast revolves around Cricket. A reason for this may be Pakistan’s obsession with the game. When I say that I mean that even the domestic T20 Cup is aired on the Network. PTV Sports is official broadcaster for that. Well, that explains the disturbing quality of these domestic tournaments.That’s the reason that in 2018, the Information Minister,Fawad Chaudhry, announced having 2 state-owned sports channels-one exclusively for Cricket and the other for other Sports. Well, despite the idea being promising, nothing has gone down to the paper.

PTV has been PCB’s official broadcaster for over half a decade now and I feel no regret in saying that the quality of PTV’s broadcast sucks. The reason for substandard coverage,as explained by Doctor Nauman Niaz, is that since its inception, PTV Sport kept on getting contracts and had no time to work on the quality. Well, I am speechless but this is how things work in Pakistan.

For the Football fans out there, PTV is a consistent broadcaster of Premier league Football. It even ried its hands on La Liga but the broadcast was shut down. Maybe there aren’t as much watchers for the latter.

Tennis fans out there,rejoice for PTV Sports broadcasts atleast 2 of the grand slams each year. Wimbledon and Roland Garros are the two Grand slams that the Channel broadcasts.

PTV Sports Live Streaming


What I love about PTV Sports is that people can tune into it for free. So, even the poorest people out there can watch their team play live for free. I don’t know why but I have found PTV’s broadcast to be ahead of other channels. Maybe that has to do with the location I live in. Most of the coverage is in Urdu and hence the shows are comprehensible to the local population. Lastly, the opinions presented in shows are quite sensible to say the least. Unlike other TV channels, its not about selling erotic ladies or about delusional Englishmen. What I dislike is that the guests or even the Host (Dr Nauman Niaz) often think of themselves as all knowing Greek Gods.


The quality is disturbing. Come on! you are the Top TV Channel in the country and you tell me that you haven’t got time in 6 7 years to improve quality? You better be kidding me. Ever watched a domestic match live on PTV Sports? Not only did the quality suffer but the commentary did too.

Notable Shows

Hosted by Nauman Niaz, Game on Hai has been PTV’s flagship show for long now. The show has had experts ranging from Rashid Latif to Vivian Richards. With such big names in the house, opinion is meant to be spot on. I haven’t seen a more sensible yet absorbing show. I really like how the channel went with actual names instead of using a semi nude girl to gain publicity.


When PTV Sports was granted exclusive rights to majority of tournaments, Geo Super dragged the Channel to the court,challenging the legality of actions. PTV Sports emerged victorious. PTV Sport’s decision to remove Dr Nauman Niaz as as Creative Director was received with mixed emotions. While a few sided with the channel, most sympathized with the Doctor.

How to Watch PTV Sports?

Well, if you have a TV, just tune the channel or contact relevant authorities. If you don’t, just click on either of the two links above to enjoy coverage. I must warn you though, Live Streaming is way different to TV. There are ads and much of the quality depends on your broadband. We have tried to list down streams that require the least bandwidth and are relatively ad free, but you can’t get perfection for free.


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