21 Ways to Watch Live Cricket Streaming Online|Live Cricket TV

Live Cricket Streaming

Live Cricket Streaming : Are you looking to Watch Live Cricket TV online? We bring to you Live Cricket Streaming free on Mobile and PC.

21 Ways to Watch Live Cricket Streaming Online|Live Cricket TV

First of all, anyone who wants to Watch Live Cricket Streaming of recent series, you can click on the Watch Button below.

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Live Cricket TV

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Live Cricket TV

Live Cricket Streaming Star Sports

Whoever you are, I bet you know about Star Sports. Star Sports is one of the top 3 Sports Networks across the World. The quality is out of the world, literally. The post and pre match analysis are intriguing to say the least. Plus the Network broadcasts in two languages. The only trouble I have experienced is that the stream is a couple of seconds of the broadcast. So if you intend to catch the broadcast as soon as it happens, this one ain’t for you. Star Sports,however, compensates with quality. I can wait for a couple of minutes! You can Watch Star Sports Live on Live Cricket Streaming.

How to Watch Star Sports Live?Star Sports Live Cricket Streaming

Unfortunately, Star Sports doesn’t let out its stream for free. All Channels are available on Hotstar but require paid subscription. You can watch them for free but with a 5 minute delay. The question is,’ Which self-respecting person would watch a match at 5 minute delay?’. You can tune into our Site for the Coverage. We are free and always will be. Plus we got a really good stream running. What are you waiting for?


Live Cricket Streaming PTV Sports

PTV Sports is State Owned Premier Sports Channel in Pakistan,carrying monopoly in Pakistan’s Sports, broadcasting both the International and National events.PTV Sports Live Cricket Streaming

Well, you know what? I have been a viewer ever since the Channel aired and I can confirm the broadcast to be a couple of seconds ahead of all its competitors. The quality isn’t always commendable  but that has never been the Channel’s priority as Nauman Niaz once mentioned. Don’t worry, PTV ain’t the official broadcaster of many a tournaments and so quality may not an issue.

How To Watch PTV Sports Live Official?

You can watch it Free on PTV Sports Official Website. One problem is that this stream doesn’t work outside Pakistan. Plus, more often then not, the stream quality suffers. You also need a really good internet connection for seamless Streaming. PTV often broadcasts a few games on PTV Sports Official Youtube Channel. You don’t need to worry over your Shitty Internet Connection here. As always,there are contingencies-only a few games are broadcasted and this doesn’t include high value games. So, the youtube Channel is a good bargain for Test Matches but Limited Over Matches are often not broadcastedl

Sony Network Live Streaming

Well, if there is a competitor to Star Sports in India, it is Sony. What differentiates Sony from Star Sports is that unlike the latter,the former is a Global Channel. The quality is pretty much on par with Star Sports. If you are an Indian, you may wish to tune into Starr Network. For foreigners out there, Sony is your network. Moreover, Sony has an array of quality shows to its name to keep you tuned even when its an off season.

How to Watch Sony Online?

The best thing about Sony is its Online Platform. You can catch all the live action on Sonyliv. The site is fabulous-fast,efficient and secure. So, what’s the catch? Well, some matches come with delay. These include high value Indian games. India Tour of Australia is one example. Don’t Worry! We got you covered.

Sky Sports Live Cricket Streaming

Well, this one is my personnel favorite. Watching Cricket in England is the ultimate dream for every Cricket fan out there. While the quality of Cricket, Crowds and Pitches contribute majorly to that, you can’t rule out the contribution of broadcast quality. Sky Sports-England’s premier Sports Channel, makes it look so beautiful that you wish you were there. There ain’t a TV Channel with a better coverage-I can bet my life on that. They have the best commentators out there and the best production quality. Why would you choose another Channel when Sky Sports is telecasting your Match? You won’t!Sky Sports Live Cricket Streaming

How to Watch Sky Sports Online?

All good things cost a few. To tune into Sky Sports online, you need to buy a subscription first. Well, if you can’t,you can tune into Crichd or Crictime. Let me warn you though: both these sites are heavily stuffed with Ads and you may not be able to enjoy your match to the fullest. You can try us! We aren’t as greedy as the others. Plus,you are already here. Would save you a click!

Geo Super Live Cricket Streaming

Geo Super comes around to be Pakistan’s first Sports Channel. Prior to Geo Super‘s era, Pakistanis watched Cricket on either of State Owned Channels and it was terrible. The government may chose to show Political speeches or Dramas and in that case, Sport’s lovers suffered. Geo Super came about as a revolution as a solely Sport oriented Channel. Geo Super remained Pakistan’s Premier Sports Channel until PTV Sports made its way in. Being a State owned Channel, PTV Sports got all the broadcast rights and Geo Super moved out of the frame. A channel destined for greatness was reduced to Geo Super Live Cricket Streamingbankruptcy. Geo Super is making its way up the ladder,broadcasting PSL and other leagues. Geo Super is known for the quality. The broadcast quality is extraordinary and the talk shows have some really sensible experts. it is just that Geo doesn’t broadcast many a live matches.

How to Watch Geo Super Live?

You can Watch Geo Super Live on Geo Super’s Official Website. This is one of the finest Streams available-efficient and ad free. You still need a 1 mb internet connection to watch it. Unfortunately, Geo Super doesn’t telecast its stream live on YouTube. Well, you can check out our Stream too. It is equally efficient,just that it is better.


Willow TV Live Cricket Streaming

Well, Willow TV is available everywhere,ranging from virgin Cricket lands like America to the middle East. It is what we truly call a Global Sports Network. The quality is fine and so is the coverage. If you are in some country where Cricket ain’t much of a deal, Willow TV is your deal. Willow TV Live Cricket Streaming

How to Watch Willow TV Online?

Like all others, this comes with a hefty subscription fee. Every single penny is worth the deal though. Get your subscription! If you can’t, just tune into Live Cricket Streaming. We promise a great experience!

Ten Sports Live Cricket Streaming

The Dubai based local variant of Sony Ten is one of the most notable Sports Channels in Pakistan. Why is that? Well, because the quality and the Speed of the broadcast is spot on. I adored the Channel back in my childhood. The only trouble I faced was with the frequency. Quite often the Channel was subject to Signal degradation and hence I had to switch to other networks. If you are an ardent fan of Pre and Post Match analysis and you somehow don’t understand English, this one Ten Sports Live Cricket Streamingisn’t for you. That having been said, tune into Ten Sports because it is the middle ground if you don’t want to compromise the quality of the broadcast while keeping in time with actual action. ,l

How to Watch Ten Sports Live?

Unfortunately, Ten Sports doesn’t broadcast its Stream live on the Internet. Still, a few Streams can be found online. This includes us,ofcourse. Other places where you can watch Ten Sports Live are: Crichd and Crictime. One thing,though, these streams are full of ads and you need a really strong internet connection for seamless telecast. Try us!

Gazi TV Live Cricket Streaming

This one is Bangladesh’s premier TV Channel. Remember when Pakistanis had to watch Drama, Sports, News etc on one channel? Gazi TV is one such channel covering everything concerned to Bangladesh. Bangladeshi’s this one is for you!

GTV Live Cricket Streaming

How to Watch GTV Online?

Well, occasional Live Streams are available on Youtube. Plus you can catch the broadcast on number of Live Streaming Sites.



Live Cricket Streaming Sites

PSL Live Streaming

This one is for PSL exclusively.  One of the best streams available on the Internet, PSL provides a seamless experience. The stream is efficient and unless you have a really shit Internet connection, you may not face any ambiguity. This one is ad free and so you can enjoy the stream. The only issue is that it is for PSL exclusively.

Live Cricket Streaming 

This is us and we are the best! Like we said, we provide hassle free experience with the best stream available. What makes us so good? Well, we aren’t greedy to start of. Secondly the compression techniques used by us are new and exclusive. This ensures that the stream experiences no buffering issues.

Live Cricket Streaming

Crictime Live Cricket Streaming

Crictime is one of the best Cricket websites on the Internet. It is efficient, it is user friendly and it doesn’t pt up a lot of ads. The problem is,is your internet connection upto the mark? You can’t get a good experience with 1 mb Internet on Crictime. It consumes a lot of data too. Mobile Users out there, this one certainly ain’t for you.

CricHD Live Cricket Streaming

Once my favorite site to watch Cricket, CricHD is stuffed with Ads now. The ads mess up user experience and you don’t actually get the taste of the game. The site also requires you to have a fast internet connection or you may not be able to get the stream running after all.


Skyembed is a haven for those Cricket Websites who don’t have their own Streams. You can just go to the website and embed any Channel you want in your site. The problem with Skyembed is that the stream carries one too many ads,even more than Crichd. Only tune into it when you are desperate and don’t find the stream elsewhere.


One of the best sites on the Internet, Sonyliv broadcasts every game covered by the Sony Network. Well, the stream is ad free, efficient and requires minimal data. What’s the contingency? Firstly, only games covered by the Sony Network are aired.Secondly most important games are available with a delay unless you buy the subscription.

Cricket Gateway

Well, Cricket Gateway is the official broadcaster of PSL. The streaming is fast, it is in HD and streaming wise you may not find a better site. There is,however, some contingency: the site is paid. So either you pay the subscription fee in dollars and tune into Cricket Gateway or you watch it on any other free site mentioned above. Why not just tune into our site. You can trust us. LOL!


A platform for you to enjoy Cricket without barriers, Hotstar requires you to make a paid subscription. Otherwise, you need to watch the video at 5 minute delay. Well, no one watches a match at a 5 minute delay, I can assure you that.

Live Cricket Streaming MylivCricket

You can tune into MylivCricket for Live Cricket Streaming Online HD.

Live Cricket Streaming Mobile

Live Cricket Streaming Apps


Anyone in Pakistan can tune into Goonj to watch Live Cricketing Action. The stream is efficient, requires only a few mbs and is ad free. The problem is that Goonj only has rights to PTV Sports. So, if PTV sports isn’t airing your Match, you can’t catch Goonjit on Goonj. Moreover, I have experienced several issues with the app-channels are under maintenance more often than not. Regardless of the issues, this one is a must have if you are a Pakistani Cricket Addict.

Download Goonj App Here:

Android: Goonj App Download



One of the best Apps out there, Sonyliv is the mobile portal for Sony. You can tune in for all live action going on on Sony Network. This includes other Sports as well. The only problem is that high value matches are only available with a 5 minute delay. Otherwise the app is really good and doesn’t require an express fast Internet connection. If your match is being telecasted on Sony-there is a 90 percent chance that it is- than just tune into Sonyliv. You don’t need to look for alternatives.

Download Sonyliv App Here:

Android: Sonyliv App Download


Just like Sonyliv, Hotstar requires a paid subscription for you to tune into matches. Not much separates the 2 giants. I though, would still side with Sonyliv.

Download it Here:

Android: Hotstar App download

PTV Sports Live Streaming

I don’t if this actually comes from PTV but it a good enough app to be listed here. It telecasts PTV Sports to your mobile and that too free of cost. The stream is fine, quality great and the ads are bearable. You experience a few bugs though. The app might start televising a game from the past. Remedy is to clear App Data. The app then runs fine.

Download it Here:

Android: PTV Sports Live HD App Download




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